Awarded Grants

Awarded Grants

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Bonfida arose from a need for more accurate, unbiased and in-depth exchange data. Whilst the data is accessible via API, it’s not easy to parse and the interpreted data from exchanges themselves is borderline inaccurate at times. FTX’s volume monitor was a good step in the right direction there, but traders need more.

Our current platform is a bit of a mishmash of data, but it’ll shortly start to become more clear the route we’re taking. With regards to Serum, we like the idea and think this will quickly become the biggest DEX, to compete with some long-standing CEXes in the space - as such, we want to help provide support for traders where possible to enable this process.

Provided the grant comes to fruition, we’ll be building out a full suite of analytical products for Serum, including volume and trade data. We’ll also continue building out and customizing our Serum whitelist,, and will be providing instructions so that anyone interested in hosting their own can do so.

We’re currently also building a portfolio management platform in tandem, which will be the main offering of Bonfida; this will have all major exchanges from the get-go, but it’d be awesome to have Serum trading and portfolio management from the start. That’ll take a little extra work and some blockchain extrapolation, it’s doable though.

The grant amount we’re asking for is 17500 SRM - this will be to fund any design and development costs (which are stacking up and will continue to stack up as we work on Serum), whilst also enabling us to begin spending on marketing and outreach so that our analytics (and our portfolio management system in the near future) have an audience.


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