Trade on mobile with Coin98

You can use the Coin98 application to trade on Serum DEX from your mobile


  1. The first step is to download the Coin98 application
  1. Create a SOL wallet

create wallet

  1. Deposit SOL for SPL token wallet creating fees
  • SOL wallet is the parent wallet, which is created for free
  • SPL token (USDT SPL …) wallets are sub-wallets, which costs a small fee to update the contract when creating (0.0021 SOL).
  • Each SPL token has a different wallet.

deposit sol

  1. Create USDT SPL wallet

create usdt wallet

  1. Deposit USDT SPL

deposit usdt

Note: If you don’t have USDT SPL, you can sell SOL to get USDT SPL following step 6.

  1. Trade
  • Access Trade interface
  • Select Trading pair, e.g FRONT/USDT
  • Enter the amount
  • Click Buy FRONT
  • Wait some seconds for the transaction completed